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MNIAC6LDGDiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where deleting the original document of a rescheduled meeting did not delete the reschedule...
NNAICQL488iNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where iNotes group calendar failed to show the schedule detail information if the ACL was set using the alternate...
SGHHCYRL44iNotes - Fixed an issue where restore from archive command failed on iNotes. This regression was introduced in 12.0.2 FP2.
FPAICCBHUUiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where iNotes failed to send a reschedule notice for encrypted meeting if the delegated user was an internet mail...
STAACKQE9CiNotes - Editor - Fixed an issue where FONT tags were being added when an email was edited and saved.
KSAUCYJHN4iNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the body contents became unavailable when an iCal meeting invitation was forwarded.
KWAED2397GiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where iNotes failed to forward multiple documents with attachment in particular cases.
SRDECZJC8UiNotes - Fixed an issue where iNotes failed to show the body contents of S/MIME opaque-signed message.
FPAIC3SQ5NiNotes - Fixed an issue where the notice to accept a counter proposal was not sent to some attendees for an encrypted repeating...
KWAED2M9SAiNotes - Fixed an issue where JavaScript error occurred when a user tried to open a signed and/or encrypted mail in HTTP access if TLS access was...
MLEYAABH3SiNotes - Spell Check - Fixed an issue where If an unsupported language is selected in the Mail Policy, it was showing as undefined. Now the closest...
HHIED296YRiNotes - Firefox - Fixed an error on Firefox 120 and later which occurred on the Notes ID password dialog shown when trying to see Notes ID Info in...
ASAECZXGV2iNotes - Fixed an issue where cancelled repeating meeting instances were still being displayed in the information of the repeating...
PLYSD3AUZRiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where an embedded image constructed by image data URI whose size exceeded 30KB was not displayed.
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